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Serving the Church by Reaching the Children

January/February Update — January 24, 2018

January/February Update


In Released Time Bible Classes, the children are continuing to learn about the attributes of God.  During the month of January, the theme is “God is Holy – So Be Holy.”  The Bible story of “The Fiery Furnace” is being used to teach the children that we need to follow God’s example of holiness and choose to do what is right, no matter the consequences.

In February, the theme will be “God is Love – So Believe on Him.”  The memory verse will be John 3:16 and using a visual of a bridge and a cross, the Gospel will be presented very clearly to the children.  Please begin praying now that God will use this lesson to help the children understand and receive God’s gift of salvation.

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August Update — August 22, 2017

August Update

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Today I traveled around to many of the schools where I teach Released Time Bible Classes to deliver permission slips for the classes.  I had some nice conversations with many secretaries and a principal or two as well.  Please pray for these schools as they begin the new school year.  I also ask that you would pray that many students will bring back signed permission slips so they can attend Released Time Bible Classes this year.

Summer Update — July 23, 2017

Summer Update

My summer ministering at Camp Barakel is going well.  I am working at the waterfront as well as helping at the camp office.  I am enjoying seeing some of the children from my church come as campers as well as a few of the children from my Released Time Bible Classes.

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March Update — March 14, 2017

March Update

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During the month of March the theme for Released Time Bible Classes has been, “God Gives Us Salvation.”  It has been a privilege to teach the children that there is only one way to Heaven and that is through believing in Jesus Christ.  This has been an exciting month with 17 children praying to receive Christ as Savior already and many more classes left to teach!  Please pray for me as I teach the children.  Please pray for the children as well!  Thank you!

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February Update — February 22, 2017

February Update

The theme for the month of February in the Released Time Bible Classes, is “God Gives Us A Ministry.”  The lesson is from Luke 22:24-27 and John 13:1-17.  I am telling the children about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and how He gave them the example of being a servant.  I talk with the children about how they can also follow the example of Jesus and have real JOY by putting “Jesus First, Others Second, Yourself Last”.  We have had many new students join the classes this month.  During my first class for the month 2 girls prayed to receive Jesus as Savior!  Thank you for your prayers and support of this work.  fullsizerender

January Update — January 15, 2017

January Update

Released Time Bible Classes have been going well this month.  I am talking with the boys and girls about having victory over sin.  Part of the lesson explains that what we allow into our minds through what we see and listen to affects what we say and do.  If we “feed” the sinful nature, it will grow stronger.  If we choose to look at and listen to things that please God, we will grow in Godliness.  We are also talking about our bodies being temples and the Holy Spirit living in us to help us after we have received Jesus as Savior.

New children have come to class this month, so our numbers are growing.  Nine children have prayed to receive Christ as Savior.  It has been a good month so far!