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Serving the Church by Reaching the Children

September Prayer Letter — September 20, 2016

September Prayer Letter



Visiting Churches — September 13, 2016

Visiting Churches

Today I traveled 134 miles visiting 47 churches in Kalamazoo County (I still have several churches left that I didn’t get to today).  I stopped in each church to give information about the Released Time Bible Classes that will be going on this year in the public schools near their churches.  I gave them a schedule for the classes and some permission slips to share with the public school children who attend their church.  I also gave them the information below.  I would ask you to join these churches and myself in praying for these classes.

Please Pray.

Pray for the children to come.

Pray for the schools.

Pray for God’s Spirit to use God’s Word to help children.


Please Promote.

Encourage people to get the children signed up to come.

Hand out these fliers to people at your church and in your neighborhoods.


Please Participate.

If anyone is interested helping in a class please contact, Amy Wichterman, RBM Missionary

Parents are welcome to come visit the classes.





Released Time Bible Class Training Day — September 6, 2016

Released Time Bible Class Training Day

Today I had the privilege of meeting with the other RBM missionaries to go over the curriculum for this year’s Released Time Bible Classes.  I always enjoy spending time with and learning from the other missionaries.  This year’s curriculum is the “God Gives Us. . . ” series.  I am looking forward to further studying the lessons in preparation of teaching the children.