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January Update — January 15, 2017

January Update

Released Time Bible Classes have been going well this month.  I am talking with the boys and girls about having victory over sin.  Part of the lesson explains that what we allow into our minds through what we see and listen to affects what we say and do.  If we “feed” the sinful nature, it will grow stronger.  If we choose to look at and listen to things that please God, we will grow in Godliness.  We are also talking about our bodies being temples and the Holy Spirit living in us to help us after we have received Jesus as Savior.

New children have come to class this month, so our numbers are growing.  Nine children have prayed to receive Christ as Savior.  It has been a good month so far!

Calhoun County RTBC — January 5, 2017

Calhoun County RTBC

I have been asked which schools in Calhoun County have Released Time Bible Classes.  Below is the list if you are interested.  They are taught by Al Ross and he does a great job.  If your child attends one of these schools, you can ask for a permission slip in the school office, sign it and return it to the office and your child can attend.

AthensEast Leroy

Battle CreekEndeavor Academy, Beadle Lake, Sonoma, Wattles Park, Minges Brook, Riverside, Westlake, Prairieview, Lakeview Middle School, LaMora Park, Valley View, Verona

BronsonAnderson, Ryan

ColdwaterJefferson, Lakeland, Max Larsen, Pansophia Academy


HomerFletcher, Middle

JacksonWestern Middle, Bean, Parma, Warner


MarshallHarrington, Marshall Academy, Marshall Elementaries, Marshall Middle


QuincyMiddle, Jennings



Union CityElementary, Middle